The Kennel Club approved the registration of the South Wales Papillon Club in April 1978.
There were 54 founder members.
It was decided that the Club would be called 'South Wales Papillon club' & not 'Papillon Club Of Wales' as it was thought that North Wales may want their own club when the breed had made more progress in the north.

The clubs first show was held on April 12th 1980.
Judge: Mrs G Swann (Lacewings)
Entries 147 from 97 dog's.
Best Dog was Gerlil Colorado Kid (Mr & Mrs W H Hutchings)
Best Bitch was Stouravon Valday Enchantress (Mrs D C Harris).

The Club's second show was held in October 1980.
Judge: Mrs K Blayney (Palmosa).
Entries: 123 from 84 dog's.
Best In Show was Mrs Abbott's Karima Love To Lordsrake.

3. Open Show was held at Langstone Hall Gwent on the 11th of April 1981.
Judge: Mrs G Edmed (Silverstreak)
Entries: 120 from 92 dog's.

4. Open Show was held on October 3rd 1981.
Judge Mr M Billinghurst, Dog's - Mr M Foster, Bitches.
Entries: 108 from 79 dog's.
Best Dog In Show was Mrs D C Harris Stouravon Grand Marnier.
At this time winners were awarded prizes: First Place 1:00, Second Place 50p & Third Place 25p.

5. Open Show in 1982 was held in Chepstow
Judge: Mr D Roe.
Entries: 132 from 101 dog's.
Best In Show was Miss V Hourihanes Murtry Taxia (Breeder Mrs S Jones).

6. Open Show was held in April of 1983.
Judge: Mr B Bagnall (My Pride).
Entries: 119.
Best In Show was Miss V Hourihane's Tongemoor Talisman.

7. Open Show was held on the 25th of March 1984 at Usk.
Judge: Mrs J Mann.
Entries 159 from 116 dog's.
Best In Show was Mrs A Fowler's Dourhu Domino.

8. Open Show held on the 13th October 1984.
Judge: Mrs J Malthorpe.
Entries: 164 from 115 dog's.
Best In Show was Mesdames Scovell & Rainbow's Caswell Gay Claudine (Breeder Exh)

The First Championship Show was held on Sunday 13th of April 1985 at the Memorial Hall Usk.
Entry Fees were 1:75p for members & 2:00 for non members, catalogues were 60p.
Judge: Mr M Foster (Nouveau)
Entries: 169 exhibits making 228 entries.
DCC & BIS - Mesdames Scovell & Rainbow's Caswell Classic Touch.
RDCC - Mesdames Scovell & Rainbow's Caswell Picador.
BCC - Miss C Leat's Ch Coquetta Bianca.
RBCC - Mrs Peacocks's Alcala Taffeta.
BPIS - Wilkinsons Deecrest Touch of Class.

9. Open Show on the 12th of October 1985 at Usk.
Judge: Mrs A Richardson(Belvane)
Entries: 85 making 108 entries.
BIS Mesdames Scovell & Rainbows Caswell Coppelita.

10. Open Show held on the 12th of April at Usk in 1986.
Judge: Mr J Huitson.
Exhibits: 81 making 100 entries
Entries: Members 70p Non Members 80p. Prize money remained the same.
BIS - Mrs Jeffer's Bregantia Charming Demelza

The second Championship Show took place on Saturday the 4th of October 1986 at Caldicot.
Judge Mrs S Jones (Shimna)
Exhibits: 125 making 177 entries.
Entry Fees were 2:50p Members & 3:00 Non Members. Also the prize money increased too. 1st 2:00,2nd 1:00 & 3rd 50P.
DCC - Blackpark Buccaneer
BCC & BIS - Ch Caswell Coppelita
BPIS - Zeejean Stormy Weather
There was a special Open D/B progeny Class introduced at this show. This was won by Mrs Wootton's Ringlands Fancy Pants & progeny.

On the 4th of April 1987 the South Wales Papillon Club once again held an open Show at Usk.
Judge: Mrs E Needham (Marshlea)
The Best Dog in Show & the Best Puppy in Show was Mr J Simpson's Penang Picasso (Bred by the owner, Mr J Simpson)

On Saturday October 10th 1987 the third Championship Show was held in Gwent.
Judge: Mrs C Wood - Davis.
DCC - Mesdames Staff & Munn's Ringlands Hal
BCC & BIS - Ch Blackpark Camio.
BP - Jujohn Billy The Kid.

The 9th of April 1988 saw another Open Show at Usk.
Judge: Mrs C Ruddall (Nooneday)
BIS was Mrs G Edmed's Silverstreak Siris.
RBIS was Miss G Hughes Roodi Ayre of Bluejays
BPIS was Miss A Summerfield's Annfield Ghaoil.

On the 1st of October 1988 the forth Championship Show was held at Pentyrch Cardiff.
Entries: 124 dog's with 154 entries
Judge: Mrs K Stewart.
DCC & BIS - Messrs Billinghurst & Fosters Caswell Principality.
BCC - Mesdames Scovell & Rainbow's Caswell Coppelita.
BP - Mrs N Staff & P Munn's Ringlands Stella Star.

This is just a look back at the early day's of the 'South Wales Papillon Club' & some of the first shows the club held.

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