Our Open Shows are held at: 
EarlwoodMemorial Hall, Shirenewton, Chepstow, Monmouthshire. 
Open Show to be held on 3rd April 2016 Judge. Mr Andrew Stewart
Championship Show Held Buith Wells(back to back Ch Show with SWKA)
on Saturday 8th October 2016. Judge: Mr Nigel Marsh 

Championship Show Held 
on  October 2017. Judge: Mrs Pat Munn. Subject to KC Confirmation


Hi All,

Our entry for Sunday is 116 dogs Making 126 entries, plus 17 dogs NFC.


Please bear with us, as this is obviously a new venue, which we are unable to have access to, in advance in order to make it, possibly more homely and individual. I suppose it’s a tall order for what is essentially a cattle shed!

It is October, so it is perhaps as well to bring along some warm clothing as I presume there is no heating. It’s far easier to take clothes off, but impossible to add more if you haven’t brought it with you!

There will be chairs ringside, but I suggest that you bring your own as a precaution.

The show doesn’t open until 8 am. This is for all, so will hope to have everything in order, by time of judging.

For those bringing spectator dogs to SWKA on the Saturday. You have to go to the Secretary and she will issue you with a Spectator Dig ticket at a cost of £5.00. This will also act as your exit pass.

In the next couple of days, I am going to issue you all a special Car Park ticket (we will be in Car Park 2) to all of you via email. This will have our Logo, your name on it and the number of exhibits. You will have to print it off. Please leave this in your car, as it will also be your exit pass. I will post one on the bottom of this page, so that you will know what to expect.

Those with spectator dogs on the Sunday, need to come to me, for their form at a cost of £2.00. Don’t forget all Puppies under six months are welcome to join in our Puppy Walk during the Lunch Break an as usual there is no charge.


If there are any queries, ask away, but please be aware that I do have to consult with the SWKA Secretary regarding anything to do with the show and I will probably not be able to contact her after Wednesday as she will be too busy.


South Wales Papillon Club Committee wish you a safe journey and every success at our show.

Here is a copy, below of the Car Park ticket. I will email this letter again hopefully to each & every of you.


Mrs S. Stanbury



Last week, I was just about to print off the schedules to take to Windsor CH Show and thought that I ought to give Caerphilly a ring, just to make sure all was well. The girl I spoke to told me there wasn’t anything booked for that day. She said I needed to speak to the manager, who was in a meeting and would get back to me the next day (Why the next day!) Anyway he rang and said that there was a basketball match scheduled for 12.00pm, but our show was not in the diary. I book the hall every January, by phone because, although I have the dates for the following year, for some reason they will not let me book it before then. Anyway, it meant that at such short notice, we were left without a venue and a choice of either postponing, cancelling or trying to find another venue. I chose the latter and after some thought, decided to give Bridget Croucher, Secretary of SWKA a ring. I asked if were possible to combine our show with theirs, by either having them the same day, which, although I am not a lover of two rings, it would have meant two chances of qualifying for Crufts and also two sets of CC’s and importantly only one journey. Anyway the Secretary said yes to the possibility, but wasn’t too keen on the same day, but they were having a Committee meeting on Tuesday and would get back to me. I also rang the KC to check that this was feasible and obviously contacted our Committee to see if all were agreeable.

The outcome of this is: Although South Wales Papillon Club, will have the same date. The venue is now altered to Royal Welsh Showground, Llanelwedd, Builth Wells, Powys, LD2 3SY

We the SWPC Officers & Committee offer their sincere apologies, but this is a situation beyond our control. For those that have Caravans, I am sure that this will be a bonus and obviously those that can stay overnight it will be advantageous, but for others, sadly it will possibly choosing one or the other.

For those who may be interested SWKA is being held on Saturday10th October 2015, Judge: Mrs Jean Banfield (Kingshaven) and South Wales Papillon Club’s Championship Show will be held on Sunday 11th October 2015, Judge: Mrs Liz Bartram (Burghbridge)

Once everything is sorted we will try and get the schedule out, but until this is official with the KC, I thought it would be best to let you know, so that you can make up your minds as to what you wish to do.


June Gummer has just rung and told me the sad news that Connie Rudall passed away last night. Apparently Connie had been in hospital for the last few days. It doesn't seem all that long ago that Connie celebrated her ninetieth birthday.

Connie’s affix was Nooneday and was a founder member of South Wales Papillon Club. I will give further information regarding funeral arrangements, if and when I receive them.

Len & I send our condolences to Connie’s family at this sad time.


Peter Grief has just rung me to say that, sadly his wife Patricia has passed away. Over the last few years, Patricia’s health has not been too good, but even with failing sight and various problems, they still managed to get out and about with Patricia in her wheelchair. Patricia passed away in her sleep in the early hours of yesterday morning and although poorly, it came as a complete surprise and obvious shock to Peter.
For those newer to the breed, Peter & Patricia had the Pillipalas Papillons and were very active with South Wales Papillon Club and showing Paps in the later 90’s and in fact Peter became and was an extremely good, Chairman of the Club, but eventually had to stand down in order to take care for Patricia. The day Patricia passed away would have been their 57th Wedding Anniversay.
Our thoughts are with Peter & his family at this sad time.


Jean Leverett passed away in Deeside Community Hospital on Saturday 26 February.
She will be greatly missed by her family & all who knew her in the Papillon World.

Sadly I have to report that John Fothergill has passed away. John was a lovely man & a true gentleman and always gave his support to South Wales Papillon Club.



Connie Rudall, one of our Club's founder members, celebrated her 90th Birthday, earlier this year.


                                                                        NEWS UPDATE

After a day spent either on the phone or the internet, hopefully the crisi has been averted. My yhanks to those that helped. We now have a new venue, same date. I have contacted the K.C and notified them. They will post a new licence. Now all that is needed is to alter the schedule and directions of how to get there. Apparently, if you use a satnav. That will take you to some farm and not the Memorial Hall. The address for those that are interested is Earlswood and Newchurch West Memorial Hall, Earlswood Hall, Earlswood Road, Nr Shirenewton, Chepstow NP16 6AW More details will be available on the schedule. I have no idea as what this hall is like, but dog shows are held there.

                                       BREAKING NEWS

                               Hi All,
This bulletin, is just to inform you that, last night, Len rang the caretaker for our South Wales Open Show venue, just to check that the dates were okay, before I started printing the schedule, because she has double booked previously. To my horror, she has done it again! She said that the Chows had booked years in advance, which is ironic, since, we have the same weekend every year (shows tend to keep to the same dates, every year) and Len booked the venue on the day of our show, last year. She didn’t mention anything about another booking, then. We are now busy trying to find either another venue on the same day, or going to another venue on another day. Needless to say there is a lot more work involved and I have to have to undergo another operation after Crufts and have yet to have a date for that. Needless to say, we will keep you informed and will let you know, when we know.


e mail Secretary

OR TEL: 01392 369759


Dog breeding legislation

or Mail:
Animal Welfare and By-products branch
Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer
Welsh Assembly Government
Cathays Park
Cardiff CF10 3NQ

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